It's time we draw the line.

Voters should choose their politicians,
not the other way around.

We can fix gerrymandering through an

Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

Politicians draw voting maps that directly benefit themselves, instead of putting the interests of voters or communities of Michigan first.

It's called gerrymandering and it's a real problem in Michigan:

Voters Not Politicians is a nonpartisan, grassroots group leading the charge to fix Michigan’s broken redistricting process through a constitutional amendment.


Maps cannot be drawn to benefit one party and must follow strict criteria, not loose guidelines.

Read about how the maps are drawn here >


Voters will draw election maps - not politicians - with input from Michiganders.

Read about how the Commission is chosen here >


The process will happen in public meetings, not behind closed doors in secret meetings.

Read about how the process is transparent here >

Why do we need to end gerrymandering in 2018?

Michigan Congressional District Map

Allowing politicians to draw their own districts is a conflict of interest. When politicians have the power to draw voting maps, they have the power to hand-pick their voters.

Learn more about gerrymandering in Michigan >

Gerrymandering benefits politicians and it hurts the rest of us, regardless of our political preference. When politicians choose their voters, our votes don’t matter and our voices aren’t heard.

Learn more about how voters suffer when politicians choose their voters >

How will we end gerrymandering in Michigan?

The establishment elite will do everything they can to protect the status quo where they make the rules. It will take all of us. Here’s how you can help:

Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

> Sign up to volunteer to help spread the word in your community.

> Chip in to help us defend our solution against the establishment’s multi-million dollar effort to keep the status quo.

> Learn more about gerrymandering in Michigan and how Michiganders can fix it.

> Attend an upcoming event and bring a friend.

> Sign up for our newsletter and read our blog to learn more.

> If you represent an organization or group, request a speaker at your next event or partner with us.