Who is Voters Not Politicians?

The Michigan Constitution of 1963 begins with the following words: “All political power is inherent in the people.” Voters Not Politicians is working to transfer political power back to the people and away from the politicians.

Political strategist Karl Rove once said, “when you draw the lines, you make the rules.”

Right now in Michigan, politicians have the power to draw the lines, and therefore they’re making the rules. Voters Not Politicians values the voice of the Michigan voter, and is taking action to reform how voting maps in Michigan are drawn so your vote matters and your voice is heard.

Voters Not Politicians is a registered ballot committee leading the charge to amend the Michigan Constitution for a citizen-controlled system of drawing voting maps for legislative and congressional districts.

The ballot committee was formed by volunteers at Count MI Vote. Count MI Vote wanted to create an "umbrella" ballot committee so that other groups or individuals could join Voters Not Politicians, even if they weren't a part of Count MI Vote.

How can I get involved?

Learn more about redistricting and the process of “gerrymandering,” where politicians use their power to draw voting maps in ways that keep them in power with little incentive to listen to their voters. Next, help educate your neighbors. Click here to learn more and to see if there is an education session and policy town hall coming soon in your area!

You can also join our volunteer team! Lace up your boots and become a volunteer through our partner organizations. Click here to learn more about the organizations supporting redistricting reform in Michigan and how you can volunteer.

Time is money, but sometimes one or the other is hard to come by. If your time is limited, please click here and donate to help the campaign. The politicians and special interests who benefit from the current system will spend millions defending and protecting their unfair advantage. We have to fight back, and that will include advertising and putting together hundreds of local events across Michigan to educate voters on their right to power.

If you represent a group or organization, and would like to support Voters Not Politicians, please email us here.

Voters Not Politicians In The News:


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Group plans gerrymander fight in Michigan: 
A new group called “Voters Not Politicians” on Friday announced initial plans for a petition drive and 2018 ballot proposal seeking to create a “citizens’ redistricting commission” to redraw political boundaries. Read more...


Grassroots group calls for redistricting reform: A citizens group wants to change how political boundaries are drawn in Michigan. Right now, the Legislature draws new lines for legislative and congressional districts every 10 years following the Census. Read more...

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Support us as we demand reform to bring transparent, impartial, and fair elections to Michigan by 2020.

The Voters Not Politicians ballot initiative is currently supported by the following grassroots and nonprofit organizations:

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