Breaking Down the 100 Words on Proposal 2



Now that some voters either have their absentee ballots or are looking up their sample ballots online and will soon be heading to the polls, we wanted to break down what the ballot summary of Proposal 2 means.


Chances are that you know what we’re all about: changing the way redistricting is done in Michigan to take power out of the hands of the special interests and put that power in the hands of voters.


Proposal 2 was crafted with extreme care after 33 Town Halls in 33 days across the state of Michigan. We know that it is a unique fit for Michigan because it is fair, impartial, and transparent, but we need to make sure that others know that voting YES will end our current rigged system.

The 100-word summary is likely the first thing many voters will even hear about our proposal, and we know that seeing any proposal for the first time can be confusing — especially with all the misinformation that our opposition is spreading. We want to make sure you understand what that language means so you can help us educate your friends and family before they cast their ballot.


So here’s a brief explanation of the 100 words:








Did that help clarify exactly what Proposal 2 will do if passed? If so, forward this email to a few friends or click here to share it on Facebook or click here to tweet and make sure they vote YES on 2!

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