Voters Not Politicians statement on growing support for Proposal 2


The following statement can be attributed to Katie Fahey, founder and executive director of the Voters Not Politicians Proposal 2 campaign, on the recent campaign finance report filing:


This campaign started with a Facebook post, grew from the work of countless volunteers in every part of Michigan, and it will be sustained by the millions of citizens who vote YES on Proposal 2.


Nearly 14,000 grassroots contributors donated $64 on average to Voters Not Politicians. What they inspired led to investment from around the country from individuals and institutions that believe in the right of voters to choose their politicians – not the
other way around.


Our strong filing is a true testament to the tremendous amount of hard work that our volunteers have put into this campaign from the beginning and the support for redistricting reform from every part of the state. We knew we would be up against a fierce opposition; special interests have previously spent millions of dollars fighting reforms put forth by voters. We’re grateful to everyone that gave us the opportunity to give a voice to those shut out of their democracy by the current system.


Proposal 2 has been endorsed by business groups such as the Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Chamber, government transparency advocates including Common Cause, ACLU of Michigan and League of Women Voters of Michigan, environmental organizations such as Michigan League of Conservation Voters, labor unions including United Auto Workers, advocates like the Detroit and Michigan branches of the NAACP, the Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Association of School Boards, Michigan Retired Judges Association and many more – along with newspapers around the state including papers like the Detroit Free Press, Crain’s Detroit Business, and the Times Herald. Click here to view the full list of endorsements.


Voters Not Politicians is a nonpartisan, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to passing Proposal 2, a state constitutional amendment to end partisan gerrymandering by taking politicians and lobbyists out of the redistricting process and putting Michigan citizens in charge. Learn more at