Thank you for pledging to record a Facebook Live video on Saturday, April 7th to celebrate 110 days since we have turned in our signatures to the Secretary of State. 


We will send you instructions on how to record a Facebook Live video on your personal page and a guide script that you can use when recording your live video. 


Keep an eye out for these instructions! We'll be sending them to your inbox soon. 


In the meantime, please start thinking of your WHY. Part of the script for the video is explaining WHY you are involved in this campaign. Some ideas:


Today, I wanted to go live to talk about something I’m very passionate about -- ending gerrymandering in Michigan by establishing an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.


I’ve been volunteering with Voters Not Politicians for <<Days, Months, etc.>>...

  • ... to spread the word about how politicians are rigging our election maps for their benefit, silencing us the voters!
  • ... because I’m tired of waiting for politicians to fix Michigan. I want to be a part of creating lasting and positive change by making elections in Michigan fair
  • ... because I’m proud to be working on something truly non-partisan that is good for ALL Michigan voters
  • ... because I wanted to get involved with an issue I’m truly passionate about
  • ...because I wanted to work on a campaign that was about bringing people together, not being divisive.


Please remember that we are a non-partisan campaign that respects people from all political parties!!


You can also create a personal fundraising page that you can ask family and friends to contribute to. With a personal fundraising page, you will be able to track contributions that you recruit. Click here for instructions on how to set up your personal fundraising page.


Keep an eye out for these instructions! We'll be sending them to your inbox soon. 


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