June 18, 2018

Contact: Elizabeth Battiste



Supreme Court ruling shows need for Voters Not Politicians redistricting reform in Michigan


The following can be attributed to Katie Fahey, founder and executive director of Voters Not Politicians:


The United States Supreme Court’s move to sidestep the decision on partisan redistricting and send it back to the states in cases involving Wisconsin and Maryland reinforces the need for the Voters Not Politicians proposal here in Michigan. Ultimately this is a decision that voters will have to make on November 6. Voters Not Politicians stands with the majority of Michigan voters who believe the process for drawing district lines should be fair, impartial, and transparent.


The Michigan Court of Appeals has already ruled, in a thorough opinion, that Voters Not Politicians has qualified to be on the ballot, and we expect the Supreme Court to agree. We anticipate the Voters Not Politicians proposal to be placed on the November ballot by the Board of State Canvassers this Wednesday and final approval by the Michigan Supreme Court in the coming weeks. 


The U.S. Supreme Court is leaving it up to states to decide how they will address what President Ronald Reagan called a “great conflict of interest” that exists when politicians draw congressional and legislative districts, as they do here in Michigan. Our proposal would fix our current redistricting system, where politicians and lobbyists operate behind closed doors to manipulate district lines for partisan purposes. Our solution brings redistricting out into the open, putting an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission of voters in charge of drawing maps that cannot give a party, candidate or incumbent an unfair partisan advantage.


This is an important government reform Michigan needs so voters can elect lawmakers who are accountable to fix Michigan’s most important issues - our roads, our education system, and our drinking water across the state.


Voters Not Politicians is a nonpartisan, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to passing a state constitutional amendment to end partisan gerrymandering by taking politicians and lobbyists out of the redistricting process and putting Michigan citizens in charge. Learn more at