July 12, 2018

Contact: Elizabeth Battiste



Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber Endorses Voters Not Politicians

Business group supports anti-gerrymandering proposal to stabilize government


The Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Chamber joined the growing ranks of organizations, businesses and individuals from across the political spectrum supporting the Voters Not Politicians ballot initiative to end the political manipulation of voting maps for partisan gain.


“There are many reasons to support Voters Not Politicians, but in summation it will allow for fairer elections that will produce a more stable policy environment, benefiting our citizens, our businesses, and our civic structures,” said Andy LaBarre, Executive Vice President and Director of Government Relations for the A2Y Chamber.


The Chamber, with over 1,000 members, endorsed the proposal, which will be on the November ballot. The Chamber believes VNP will produce legislators motivated to do their work in a way that produces more bi-partisan and consensus driven outcomes – which will provide the stability needed for businesses. 


“The negative results of our system are many, including disincentives to operate in a bi-partisan or moderated fashion, as well as dramatic changes in policy with every election,” said LaBarre. “Those issues that are currently pushed in the Michigan Legislature are not designed to appeal to the overall electorate, but are used to attract support from partisan bases in August. This is especially bad for the business community because it prevents long-term policy and regulatory stability.”


The state’s current redistricting process allows politicians and lobbyists to work behind closed doors to draw lines to benefit them or their political party. The Voters Not Politicians proposal would replace that with an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that would be prohibited from creating districts for partisan gain and requiring all activities of the commission be available to the public.


“We’re proud to have earned the support of the A2Y Chamber,” said Katie Fahey, founder and executive director of Voters Not Politicians. “Business leaders across Michigan agree that this is an important first step in fixing our state’s most pressing issue, including repairing our crumbling infrastructure, improving our education system to prepare for a 21st century economy and ensuring safe drinking water.”


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Voters Not Politicians is a nonpartisan, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to passing a state constitutional amendment to end partisan gerrymandering by taking politicians and lobbyists out of the redistricting process and putting Michigan citizens in charge through an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Learn more at