April Statewide Call

Please join us Sunday, April 7 at 7 p.m. for a Statewide VNP Volunteer Call. We'll be talking about implementing the redistricting reform amendment we passed in 2018, reorganization of our regions, upcoming volunteer opportunities, and the future of VNP. 


To join, please dial (319) 527-2441 at 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 7. 

April 07, 2019 at 7pm - 8:30pm
(319) 527-2441
Kevin Lignell Kevin Hill Mary Combs mary ann Idzikowski Bernard Campos Alicia Nelson Valorie Troesch Lyn Pawloski David Rivard Rick Morgan Brian Smith Michael Colucci Rod Harty Diane Kott Christi Thrush David Hopkinson Hugh Hufnagel Theresa Soloma Carole Murphy Carol Farver Ruth Kell Lori Orel Jacqueline Wood Kathy Krauskopf Tina Pawlak Anne Honhart Mary Brown Jessie Iliff William Ostler Rebekah McKenney Phyllis Wahlberg vicki leland Bruce Billedeaux David Jordan Toni Wilson Mary Pollock Steve Gaynor Sara Wick William Sadowski Hugh McNichol Juanita Butcher Marilyn Torborg marcia devos Kathy Fiebig Michael Powell Denise DeCubber John Duran Garnet Lewis

Will you come?