Davia Downey

Davia Downey, Ph.D.

Board Member

Davia holds an MPA from Eastern Michigan University, and a Ph.D. in Political Science (focus on American Politics and Public Policy) from Michigan State University. Davia has significant public service experience including serving as the vice-chair of the City of East Lansing’s Housing Commission and as a member of the city’s Non-Conforming Use Committee and the Community Development Advisory Committee. She joined the faculty of the School of Public, Nonprofit, and Health Administration at Grand Valley State University as a professor of public administration in 2011. She also serves as the coordinator of the University’s Masters of Public Administration program. More information on Prof. Downey may be found here.

Why she’s committed to this effort:

“I believe that district boundaries must be drawn without undue political influence, so that citizens have open communication channels to their representatives, and representatives are responsive to their constituents. Those are the hallmarks of a functioning democracy.”

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