Voters Should Choose Their Politicians, Not the Other Way Around


Every 10 years, politicians and lobbyists meet behind closed doors to manipulate election maps to choose their voters by determining which political candidates you vote for. It’s called gerrymandering and it’s time we end it in Michigan.


Donate today to help Voters Not Politicians create an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission that is F-I-T for Michigan.


It’s FAIR - Voters, not politicians, will draw the lines.


It’s IMPARTIAL - The Commission can’t draw lines that give a candidate, political party, or incumbent an unfair advantage.


It’s TRANSPARENT - All Commission meetings are required to be held in public, not behind closed doors.


Right now, the establishment elite and special interests are fighting to keep us off the ballot. But Michigan voters are ready to draw the line. Will you contribute today to help get an Independent Redistricting Citizens Commission on the ballot this November so we can end gerrymandering for good in Michigan?


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To donate by check:

Mail a check payable to Voters Not Politicians Ballot Committee with completed check donation form to: 

PO Box 8362
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