Fundraise with Voters Not Politicians


Did you know that you can create your own personal fundraising page and goal to help raise money for the Voters Not Politicians ballot initiative?


As a grassroots campaign, fundraising is critical to success! Check out the video below to see how you can create your own personal fundraising page to share with your friends and family.


Note: you must have an online account with Voters Not Politicians. If you signed up for your newsletter or volunteered, you already have one! 


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Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • Okay, so I stumbled onto making edits to my profile on Nation Builder site. That worked. For now I am fine but it might be helpful to know why the previous method did not work.
  • As of yesterday “saving” edits to the fundraising page is not working . There was no problem with the function until yesterday, 12/31/17, early afternoon. Any idea what to do?
  • No matter how many times I’ve edited my page, it does not add my picture nor does it put my fund raising goal on my public profile. I watched this twice and done exactly what it says.
  • Kevin – Everything seems to work as you explain, except I cannot get my short bio to appear on my public page. Is there a checkbox to activate that? Also, is there a way to see who has given to your page?
  • This has been very helpful. I share this personal link on Facebook and Twitter all the time. Half of the money I have raised has been through this link on social media.

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