Voters Not Politicians needs to maintain clear financial information to be sure we are in compliance with state rules governing our activities. In order for VNP to accept your donation, we must collect this information from you. Please completely fill out the personal, employment, and donation information in this form.


What counts as an "in-kind donation"

> Any goods or services that are donated to the campaign

> Materials or supplies such as pens, clipboards, shirts, etc.

> Electronic or Internet goods such as web hosting, webinar services, domain names, etc.

> Food or drink served at an event including education sessions, fundraising events, etc.

> Event space fees paid by a volunteer for education sessions, fundraising events, etc.

> Printing fees associated with flyers, handouts, etc.


In short, if you spend any of your money on anything related to the campaign, you MUST submit an in-kind donation form here.

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  • 1. Do we have a stationery supplier in Kent County who will sell to us at a discount? May I inquire at Staples on 28th Street?
    2. What is acceptable accounting for say, twelve sheets of paper out of a ream? And the (very expensive) printer ink in my home printer?
    3. Can we tell a merchant that our purchases are for a qualified non-profit organization, exempt from Michigan sales tax? What documentation should we present to the merchant?

    Vince Schumacher
    Co-Captain Team 5-28
  • Same question as Bruce. And what should I use for Vendor..?
  • How do I value (for instance) printing out 10 pages of quarter sheet flyers? $0.xx per page? Is there a standard formula?
  • Thank you for making this SOOO easy!

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