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More about California's process and the outcomes

How has California's new maps impacted their elections? Are elections more competitive? Did seats change? Did representatives become more responsive? Are people happier with their representatives?

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What are the reforms you will be seeking?

I understand the language may not be available yet, but what type of reform will be in the petition? Will it include a requirement of independent computer vetting of the results to confirm that no gerrymandering is present? If it is an independent commission ... how will they be chosen? Who will appoint them? How will you assure balance and fairness? Non-politicians still have bias and party affiliations. How are you planning you protect the commission from having an unfair representation by the current ruling party or any other party? (I.e. Bi partisan since complete independence is improbable)

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Does the proposed language impact on the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives?

While briefly reading the proposed new language, I did not see any references to U.S. House of Representative district design. Did I miss it or is that determined by the U.S. constitution and therefore outside the scope of our proposed changes to the Michigan constitution? All i saw was language relating to the state senate and state house districts.

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Would someone please clarify how the members of the commission would be selected?

People have suggested the process will be manipulated by politicians while others believe only monks will be eligible. Thanks for your help.

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