Please explain how the current process is structured and how it enables gerrymandering.

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  • Mark Cornwell
    Excellent explanation Jack
  • Jack Marter
    The way that redistricting works is that every ten years, when the new population data is released by the Census Bureau, the states make new district maps to make each district have equal population. Some states like Arizona and California have redistricting commissions like the commission that Voters Not Politicans is trying to make. Other states have the state legislatures make the districts for the representatives in the US Congress, as well as the state legislative and state senatorial districts. Michigan is one of those states. There are always 110 state house districts and 38 state senatorial districts in Michigan. But the number of federal representative districts can change, I’ll get to why that enables gerrymandering later. So anyway, since the state legislators and the members of the Michigan State Senate are in charge of their districts, they’re obviously going to make the districts benefit themselves. Fortunately there’s term limits for our state’s lawmakers, but not for the federal lawmakers that represent us in Washington DC. So since the Republicans are the majority party in the state legislature, they unfairly give Republican candidates an advantage so that Democrats can’t win. And if we lose a district, they put two incumbent Democrats in the same district so that one of them can’t win the Democratic Party primary (What I would do would be to put an incumbent Democrat and Republican in the same district, like Dingell being against Trott in the general election) And they don’t want any Democratic cities in those gerrymandered districts where Republicans can easily win, so they put those Democratic cities like Melvindale and Detroit in their own little isolated districts. Assuming that if a majority of a city’s voters are Democrats, they all are. Which isn’t true, Melvindale is a blue city but I’m red
  • Lee Kirk
    Learn More: Please explain how the current process is structured and how it enables gerrymandering.
  • Lee Kirk

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