Approved Marketing Materials


Below is a list of campaign approved marketing materials. You are free to print out these materials yourself at events, while collecting signatures, or other activities that support the campaign. Remember: you MUST submit an in-kind donation form if you spend any of your own money or resources printing these materials! Click here to submit a form


Quick Links: Flyers & Handouts  /  Banners  /  Foam Poster Board  /  District Costumes  /  Buttons  /  Business Cards  /  Education One-Pager  /  Sign Up Sheet


Flyers & Handouts


1. Quarter Sheets


2. How the Commission is Chosen Infographic

When to use:

This infographic can be printed at home and taped to your clipboard, handed out at events, or just kept as a reference.

This sheet will walk you through the process of how the Commission is chosen.

How to Print

You can print this infographic at home by clicking on an item to the right. There are options for color printing, black & white printing, and professional printing.

Other languages:

Coming soon!


3. Back of Clipboard Flyers

When to use:

These sheets are a great tool to visually show the practice and outcome of gerrymandering to potential voters. They can be printed and taped to clipboards or handed out.

Find your district here


4. Evolution of Districts Flyer

When to use:

This sheet shows the evolution of congressional districts in Michigan from 1982 to 2013. It is a great resource to show how gerrymandering has evolved with the use of computer software and big data.






Vertical Banner (Instructions | Art File)

Horizontal Banner (Instructions | Art File)



Foam Poster Board


Instructions (read these first!)


Yes on 2!

Download PDF

We the People

Download PDF

It's Time We Draw the Line

Download PDF


District Costumes







Business Cards


> Yes on 2 Cards (color / black & white)


Education One-Pager


Full Page Education Handout (color / black & white)


Spanish Full Page Education Handout (color / black & white)


Sign Up Sheets


Sign Up Sheet 



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  • Vincent Schumacher
    Where do I find the new PLEDGE CARDS?
    I want to print a batch.

    Vince Schumacher
    Co-Captain Team 5-28
    (616) 204 7681
  • Robert McCloy
    Tomorrow I’m working an event at MSU, a MLK Student Leadership Conference. We need signage that boldly says “Volunteer”

    I’ll be using the Repubs and Dems can agree signage, the education 1/2 sheets, 1/4 sheets, biz cards, volunteer forms…but, for future events big eye catching “Volunteer to _____________________” sign would be great.
  • Lisa Jevens
    We could use a simple sign saying: Sign the Anti-Gerrymandering Petition Here!
    People don’t really get the catchy slogans about their vote counting. We need to simply state what it is we are offering. There is a lot of notoriety with the campaign now, and people need a simple way to recognize it. Then we wouldn’t have to constantly yell out to them asking if they have signed the anti-gerrymandering petition after they give our signs a quizzical look. When they look at the current marketing stuff, they don’t see the word gerrymandering. It is vague. They don’t know what we are doing until we TELL them this is the gerrymandering petition. It should state that plainly on our signs.
  • Nancy Duemling
    How about an official VNP 8×11 flyer that we can use to publicize educational town halls? We are planning one in Romeo on Nov. 16 and there isn’t much newspaper coverage in the area. Flyers could be a help for turnout. A blank line for date, time, place and maybe sponsoring organization would be great!
  • Susan Diliberti
    Can you create a PDF recruitment image? I would like to have an image that will draw in people who would like circulate petitions.
  • Susan Diliberti
    Hi Amelia, the “Sign Here” poster has no PDF. Kinkos could not print that for me. :(
    I really want this poster and would love to have the option of a vertical image as well.
  • Amelia Quilon
  • Amelia Quilon
    Organizations are more than welcome to communicate to their volunteers to recruit as volunteer circulators! If they would like help wordsmithing that, have them reach out to me. But they are free to communicate with their members however they’d like! We can be here as a resource, though.
  • Amelia Quilon
    Tshirts can be reserved through a donation here:
  • Nancy Czech
    Can someone post a site where I can buy the t-shirt with the salamander? Or any other good t-shirt? Thanks
  • Carolyn Hejkal
    Business cards soon, please?
  • Murray Gorchow
  • James Hallock
    another 501c withe approx. 1,000 members wants to send out an e-mail to recruit volunteers to be a canvasser for VNP. Do they need to get permission from Marketing about the wording of that e-mail before they send it out?
  • James Hallock
    another 501c organization want to send out
  • Anne-Marie Gierens
  • Michael Saenz
    Looking for T-shirts
  • Jill Haver-Crissman
    Are there VNP Gerrymandering videos we can download onto a stick to play on a TV at our local fair?
  • Stei Drozdalski
    How do I submit a request to print magnetic bumper stickers? Thought I had the correct form, but I don’t believe it is. Would like to ensure I am clear with campaign finance before I proceed. Thank you!

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