Nancy Wang

Nancy Wang

Board President

Nancy Wang is the President of Voters Not Politicians (VNP), the grassroots group behind the successful 2018 initiative to amend the Michigan Constitution to replace the state's politician-controlled redistricting system with a fair, impartial, and transparent citizen-led process. On November 6, 2018, Michigan voters passed VNP's amendment by a margin of 61% - 39%. The Commission will use 2020 census data to draw its first state legislative and U.S. congressional district maps for Michigan in 2021. Like VNP's other early volunteers, Nancy joined VNP after "meeting" the group's founder, Katie Fahey, on Facebook in 2016.  Nancy led VNP's policy committee, which wrote the constitutional amendment language with input from individuals and groups across the state and national redistricting experts. Nancy is an attorney and was a professor at the University of Michigan Law School before transitioning to the campaign full time in the fall of 2018. Prior to joining VNP, she had no political or campaign experience other than being an election protection volunteer in presidential election years.

Why she’s committed to this effort:

“We need to restore the public’s faith in the democratic process. Reforming the redistricting process so that election results better reflect the will of the voters, not the politicians, is a critical first step.”

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