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Voters Not Politicians Press Kit


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Quick Facts:


1. Politicians in Michigan draw the lines to benefit themselves, putting their partisan interests ahead of the interests of their constituents and it undermines confidence in our government.


2. It doesn’t matter which party’s politicians control the process, they put their own interests ahead of solving problems that matter most to their constituents, like fixing our roads and investing in education.


3. Over the years in Michigan, we’ve seen politicians and lobbyists from both parties work in secret to gerrymander the state. That’s why our proposal:

- Bans politicians, lobbyists and their close relatives from influencing the process.

- Opens the door for citizens to be in charge of the process with resources to draw knowledge from professionals in a variety of fields.

- Mandates that the entire process be transparent and conducted in public.

- Requires that final maps be approved from Commissioners from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to prevent one party unfairly benefiting from the process.


4. Our strong volunteer base, quick rate of signature collection, and response from voters from across the state are prime examples of our tremendous support for an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.


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Katie Fahey, Executive Director

Nancy Wang, Board President

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Gerrymandering in Michigan

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