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Value democracy in Michigan? Vote Yes on 2!

Although I moved to Michigan just 3 years ago, I have worked hard to build a community here and I care deeply about what happens in Michigan.  We are facing underfunded schools, failing roads, and unsafe drinking water and it's clear that representatives in Lansing and DC aren't listening to us.  This proposal will force politicians to be more accountable to their voters and help us solve many of these problems.

Even though this is in Michigan and many of you don't live here, our districts here are so gerrymandered right now, that it affects who Michigan sends to Congress and that directly affects what's going on nationally.  Gerrymandering causes primaries to be less competitive, general elections to be less competitive, and politics to become far more extreme on both sides of the aisle, which doesn't help any of us.  Having an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will help fix this!

So if you can pitch in a little money to help us protect democracy, please do so! If this proposal doesn't pass right now, the next chance we'll have to seriously address gerrymandering here won't be until after the 2030 census and that has serious consequences for politics in Michigan and nationwide.  Please support this democracy by contributing if you can and voting Yes on 2 in November!  Thanks!

Voters should choose their politicians.

Not the other way around.

Politicians are manipulating our voting maps to keep themselves in power. It's time to change that to make your vote matter and your voice heard.

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