Does the proposed language impact on the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives?

While briefly reading the proposed new language, I did not see any references to U.S. House of Representative district design. Did I miss it or is that determined by the U.S. constitution and therefore outside the scope of our proposed changes to the Michigan constitution? All i saw was language relating to the state senate and state house districts.

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  • Charles Roth
    Very early on in the amendment language it makes it clear that it DOES include Congressional districts. The new text of MI constitution Article IV, section 6, para (1) includes “The Commission shall adopt a redistricting plan for each of the following types of districts: state senate districts, state house of representative districts, AND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS”. (Emphasis added.)
  • Karen Turnbull
  • Marcene Telfer
  • Julie Leavitt
  • Thomas Haeusler

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