The Proposal to End Gerrymandering in Michigan



As loyal Michiganders, we strive to be the best. We want the best economy. The best schools. The best future for our state and for our children. However, there are some things that we don’t want to be the best at (hint: gerrymandering is one of them). According to Bridge Magazine, Michigan is one of the best states in the nation at gerrymandering - and that isn’t something to be proud of.

Gerrymandering, or partisan redistricting, happens when politicians manipulate voting maps for their advantage. Rigging districts using advanced computer software allows politicians the ability to handpick their voters to give them the advantage to get re-elected in future elections. Gerrymandering leads to uncompetitive elections and politicians who pay more attention to their donors and lobbyists than their constituents.


The good news is that the voters of Michigan have the power, and the duty, to fix this problem. Voters Not Politicians is one step closer to the solution.


The solution


Instead of entrusting the drawing of our voting districts in Michigan to politicians who ultimately stand to benefit from their decisions, we propose an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission of registered Michigan voters to draw voting districts using guidelines that ensure fairness to all. We believe that the voters of Michigan - not politicians - should be entrusted with this important and monumental task.


How did we get here?


Most ballot proposals are designed by the backers without public input. Voters Not Politicians did just the opposite, seeking out public opinion through:


  • - More than 30 Town Hall meetings held across Michigan
  • - Months of working closely with non-partisan groups representing millions of Michiganders
  • - Extensive research of reforms that have been enacted in other states, including consulting with reform leaders in several of those states as well as national organizations advocating reform
  • - Thousands of hours of donated legal research and drafting from some of the state’s top attorneys


Months of work went into drafting a proposal that would put an end to unfair elections where votes don’t matter and Michiganders’ voices aren’t heard.


The proposal outlines:


The proposal takes redistricting out of the backroom and ends the conflict of interest that festers when politicians have the power to choose their voters. The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will ensure voters choose their politicians, instead of the other way around, so that Michigan votes count and that Michiganders’ voices are heard.


Check out these other posts to learn more about the policy:

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Ensuring Maximum Transparency, Meaningful Public Participation, and Independent Decision-making


If you're ready to put an end to gerrymandering, here’s what you can do to show your support.


Save the Date // save the date and vote YES for an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in the November 6 2018 election!


Donate // the politicians and special interests who benefit from the current system will spend millions defending and protecting their unfair advantage. We have to fight back, and that will include advertising and putting together hundreds of local events across Michigan to educate voters on their rights. Donate to Voters Not Politicians here.


Volunteer // we are recruiting volunteers to spread the word in 2018 to help us end gerrymandering in Michigan! If you are interested in being a part of this vital part of the process, please click here.


Stay educated // learn more about gerrymandering and how you can defeat it! Stay up to date on campaign updates and news by signing up for our newsletter here.


Connect // follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


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  • Bill Rogers
    I WAS going to vote in favor of your proposal, but you sent me spam texts. So I’m not. Have a nice day.
  • Dennis Rodzik
    I hope you are planning on using paid professionals to gather signatures. Just about every ballot issue fails when using volunteers. I have been doing petitions for 42 years (started with the Michigan bottle deposit law) and it’s been my experience that when you are using volunteers alone you have a 98% chance of failing. This is a great issue!
  • Amelia Quilon
    Thanks for the comment Eric. We will be sharing those exact details this week.
  • Amelia Quilon
    Thanks for the comment Patrick. We will be explaining next week why computers alone, although seemingly simple and easy, aren’t the best solution. Stay tuned!
  • Eric Siegel
    I need to see more about the language of the proposal, Right now, this is incredibly vague. I know nothing about how the panel will be chosen, nor what criteria are to be used to determine district boundaries. I would think you’d want the people supporting your movement to know exactly what they’re behind before they sign up to donate or volunteer..
  • Patrick Platt
    Why isn’t there a Federal Court solution to immediately re district? By using a computer analog to create districts of equal size and geographically similar boundaries. Isn’t the solution is simply clear.
  • Amelia Quilon
    Those details will be released once we get approval from the Bureau of Elections. Stay tuned for more details. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter and signed up for email updates!

    -Amelia, VNP Marketing Director
  • Elizabeth Boessenkool
    Please comment on funding for the proposed. commission. Without state funding, a new commission is dead in the water.

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