Thanks for attending my session at the UnRig summit in Nashville!  It was great to meet you. Here’s a summary of what I presented there, plus a few extra resources:


1. To learn more about Voters Not Politicians, visit our main page here.


2. Some vocabulary:  “Canvassing” is the process of securing votes, and “circulating” is gathering signatures on a petition.


3. Both canvassing and circulating use a similar initial approach, but the information collected and the overall goals are a bit different. In both cases, you have about 20 seconds to “grab” the voter’s attention.


4. When circulating a petition or canvassing, you have the opportunity to recruit volunteers and collect contact information that can help grow your campaign.


5. Canvassing works best when your message is authentic and meaningful to you.


6. Listening carefully to voters gives you an opportunity to directly address their concerns. 


7. The best canvassers modify their approach as they learn from experience.


8. When developing your own authentic script, make sure you hit the important messaging points, and never make anything up.


9. When canvassing for democracy reform, open with the fact that you’re a volunteer (if that’s the case!) working on a nonpartisan cause that will improve government for all.  


10. Why Voters Not Politicians volunteers found petition circulating and canvassing so rewarding:

  1. Democracy is not a spectator sport!
  2. People are grateful for volunteers working hard to make things better
  3. It’s great to have a visual way to represent your issue (like gerrymandered maps)
  4. Voters are receptive to a nonpartisan message.
  5. It’s better to get over your awkwardness than risk losing democracy
  6. People are so much nicer in person than on social media


11. Some messages that worked for Voters Not Politicians volunteers:

  1. “Politicians get to decide who wins elections instead of you and me.”
  2. “Take a little power away from politicians and give it back to the people.”
  3. “We share certain American values regardless of our political views, and one of those is that elections should be fair.”
  4. “Without gerrymandering, the two sides will have to compromise and solve problems.”
  5. “The system is rigged against people’s voices being heard.”
  6. “A public redistricting process has to be better than one conducted in secret.”


12. Some additional resources that were not shared at the conference:

  1. Circulating Do’s and Don’ts
  2. Canvassing Do’s and Don’ts


How to reach me: 

Jamie Lyons-Eddy


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