Be My Valid-Line This Valentine's Day!



Tell your valentine that "it's time we draw the line!" Politicians in Michigan draw voting maps that directly benefit themselves, instead of putting the interests of voters or communities of Michigan first. Allowing politicians to draw their own districts is a conflict of interest. When politicians have the power to draw voting maps, they have the power to hand-pick their voters. 


Share the love this Valentine's Day with some "gerrymandering" inspired Michigan valentines! 


Voters should choose their politicians, not the other way around. But in Michigan, politicians choose their voters to keep themselves in power.


Every 10 years, a US Census is conducted to measure how population shifts throughout the country. When this data is collected, states are required to redraw their voting district maps - a process called redistricting - to ensure equal population in each district. Michigan’s politicians have taken advantage of this power and draw their own districts to choose their voters for political advantage. Learn more here.







When politicians choose their voters, our votes don’t matter and our voices aren’t heard. As voters, we’re hurt the most by gerrymandering. Our votes don’t count and we don’t have a voice because politicians no longer count on our votes to get elected. Click here to learn more about how gerrymandering hurts you - the voter.







Although politicians in Michigan are taking advantage of the voters, we as voters have more power than we are lead to believe. The Michigan Constitution starts with the phrase, “All political power is inherent in the people.” Michiganders have the power and right to participate in direct democracy through a citizen-led ballot initiative, where a proposal for a constitutional amendment is added as a ballot measure to the next general election after 315,654 valid signatures are collected in 180 consecutive days. And that's exactly what we are doing here at Voters Not Politicians! 







Voters Not Politicians’ mission is to end gerrymandering by 2018 through a citizen-led ballot initiative. We have collected the required 315,654 valid signatures in 180 days, that will secure a spot in the November 6, 2018, election as a ballot measure. With a simple majority vote from the voters of Michigan, we will amend Michigan’s constitution to place an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in charge of redistricting, ensuring that voters will choose their politicians, not the other way around.







Our proposal takes redistricting out of the backroom and ends the conflict of interest that festers when politicians have the power to choose their voters. The Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission will ensure voters choose their politicians, instead of the other way around, so that Michigan votes count and that Michiganders’ voices are heard. You can learn more here!







If you're ready for some "valid-lines" this Valentines Day, here's how you can help! 


Save the Date // save the date and vote YES for an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in the November 6 2018 election!


Donate // the politicians and special interests who benefit from the current system will spend millions defending and protecting their unfair advantage. We have to fight back, and that will include advertising and putting together hundreds of local events across Michigan to educate voters on their rights. Donate to Voters Not Politicians here.


Volunteer // we are recruiting volunteers to spread the word in 2018 to help us end gerrymandering in Michigan! If you are interested in being a part of this vital part of the process, please click here.


Stay educated // learn more about gerrymandering and how you can defeat it! Stay up to date on campaign updates and news by signing up for our newsletter here.


Connect // follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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