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Are you distracted and dismayed by the petty squabbling and gossip that now passes for political discourse? So am I.

Many of the obvious malfunctions of modern American political life are at least two generations in the making. They are enabled by systematic distortions that allow politicians once in power to disregard the sentiments of their constituents.

An example:  How is it that during the weird political season of 2016, no one in the "debates" raised any concern about the environment and climate change?

Answer:  The politicians and their strategists invent other things to talk about, and the really important matters get lost in the noise. WHY? Our elected representatives do not have to respond to the REAL concerns of their constituents to be re-elected. How is that?

Answer:  The party in power at the critical post-census session of the state legislature decides who decides the next election cycle. HOW? By selecting their voters and diluting the effective voting power of the opposition.

We can fix this!. . . Let me rephrase that. It's already fixed.

Let's make electoral politics respectable, or at least suitable for discussion in poiite company. We can MAKE AMERICA GENUINE AGAIN!

Tell everyone you know to vote YES for Proposal 2. Be creative.

Volunteer to talk to voters in your local area. Give as generously as you can to support VOTERS NOT POLITICIANS.

With your help, we can kill gerrymandering* in Michigan, and change the political culture for future generations.

What else can you do in the few days left before the election that will be nearly as beneficial to future generations of Michiganders?



Vince Schumacher

* Gerrymandering = the persistent and pernicious practical political process of postioning preferred populations by picking and packing for peculiar partisan purposes and to perpetuate the power of incumbents. May also be known as geography abuse. It is a notorious example of the foxes guarding the henhouse; only we allow these foxes not only to design and construct the henhouse to their specifications, we then let them occupy it!

Voters should choose their politicians.

Not the other way around.

Politicians are manipulating our voting maps to keep themselves in power. It's time to change that to make your vote matter and your voice heard.

This is a personal fundraising page created by a Voters Not Politicians campaign supporter.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the supporter and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Voters Not Politicians.

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