Welcome to the VNP Team!


Thank you for signing up to volunteer with Voters Not Politicians! Together, we can protect our right to direct democracy and our ability to petition our government by overturning Public Act 608, which places unfair, restrictive requirements and penalties on citizen ballot initiatives and referendums.


Now, what happens? The VNP leadership team is still exploring whether or not we will move forward with a referendum. However, there is still important work that can be done while we are making that decision! 


First, can you recruit 5 friends to join you? If you can find 5 friends, neighbors, family members, or co-workers to join you who can each commit to collecting 20 signatures each, you just helped us secure a commitment of another 100 signatures! Send them this link to sign up: https://www.votersnotpoliticians.com/volunteer2019


Second, stay on the lookout for events and community meetings! If we move forward, we'll have to collect petition signatures in Michigan's worst winter months. Help us identify indoor opportunities to collect signatures by sending us event tips to: events@votersnotpoliticians.com


Last, familiarize yourself with House Bill 6595, which was signed into law as PA 608. You can read the bill as it was presented to former Governor Rick Snyder here


Keep an eye on your email inbox for updates! Make sure that mail@votersnotpoliticians.com is marked as a trusted sender so that any important info on next steps doesn't end up in your spam folder.