Welcome to the VNP Team!


Thank you for signing up to volunteer with Voters Not Politicians! Together, we can protect our right to direct democracy and ability to petition our government by overturning Public Act 608, which places unfair, restrictive requirements and penalties on citizen ballot initiatives and referendums.


Now, what happens? A volunteer captain will reach out to you soon with petition gathering instructions. In the meantime, you can do the following now to help us succeed!


#1 Recruit 5 Friends!

You can help us build our volunteer army by recruiting 5 friends to circulate petitions with you! If you can recruit 5 friends who each commit to collecting just 10 signatures, you just recruited 50 additional signatures.

#2 Start Your Training!

Coming soon!

#3 Chip in Today!

Chip in today to help us gather enough signatures so voters have the chance to vote to disapprove the restrictive requirements in PA 608! Your contribution will be used to help us gather signatures and spread the word so voters know their right to petition our government are under attack!