July 24, 2018

Contact: Elizabeth Battiste



Voters Not Politicians launches ad supporting Proposal 2 to end gerrymandering  


Statewide ad campaign across television and digital focuses on non-partisan effort to reclaim democracy for Michigan citizens


Voters Not Politicians released its first advertisement today promoting Proposal 2, the ballot measure to fix Michigan’s rigged redistricting system. The ad campaign reinforces the broad support that ending politicians’ manipulation of voting maps has among Michiganders across the political spectrum. The ad also highlights what Voters Not Politicians is about: the basic belief that voters should choose their politicians – not the other way around.


View the advertisement below:


“This advertisement expands our statewide conversation about how Proposal 2 will create a transparent, nonpartisan redistricting system driven by citizens to replace our current rigged system, where politicians operate in secret to draw voting lines that benefit them, not the people,” said Katie Fahey, founder and executive director of Voters Not Politicians.


The advertisement will appear in media markets across the state on television, social media, and other platforms frequented by Michigan voters. More than 425,000 Michiganders – including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – signed the petition to put the proposal on the ballot to demand an end to gerrymandering. This effort highlights the strong grassroots and financial support that has propelled Voters Not Politicians and will make this a key issue this November.  


“Michigan’s state Constitution begins with, ‘All political power is inherent in the people.’ It is our right to petition our government to create change,” said Fahey. “People are demanding this change. They are demanding a state government that represents their priorities and values. When people learn about our proposal, the overwhelming majority support it. It’s our job to make sure every person in this state knows about the problem of gerrymandering and our solution to put the power to draw voting district maps in the hands of an independent commission of Michigan citizens. We want to make sure that voters across the entire state of Michigan know that Proposal 2 is a nonpartisan way to fix this broken process so that voters can choose their politicians – not the other way around.”



Voters Not Politicians is a nonpartisan, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to passing a state constitutional amendment to end partisan gerrymandering by taking politicians and lobbyists out of the redistricting process and putting Michigan citizens in charge through an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. Learn more at