Vote YES on Proposal 2 on November 6, 2018!

Our current election system in Michigan is rigged in favor of special interests. Politicians draw voting maps that directly benefit themselves and their special interest backers, instead of putting the interests of Michiganders first.

It's called gerrymandering. It’s a conflict of interest, and it’s robbing us of our voice and our power.

Voting YES on Proposal 2 will fix Michigan's rigged system with an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Proposal 2 is:


Voters - not politicians or lobbyists - will draw election district maps that cannot favor one party or candidate.

Read about how the maps are drawn here >


Maps will be drawn through compromise by Republicans, Democrats, and voters who align with neither party and must follow strict criteria.

Read about how the Commission is chosen here >


The process will happen in public meetings, not behind closed doors, and everything used to draw the maps must be published publicly.

Read about how the process is transparent here >