Vote Yes on 2

Vote YES on Proposal 2 on November 6, 2018!

November 6: Vote YES on Proposal 2.

Our current system is rigged in favor of special interests and lobbyists. Proposal 2 makes politicians more accountable to us, not special interests. Take the power to decide voting districts away from politicians and special interests and fix our rigged system. Michigan, It's time for a fair and transparent democracy!

Safeguard the rights of all citizens to have a voice: Vote YES on Proposal 2.

This November 6th, vote YES on Proposal 2 to fix Michigan's rigged system with a transparent process with public hearings.

Find Proposal 2 on your ballot and vote YES.

Proposal 2 is:


Districts will be drawn more fairly, using the Voting Rights Act. The rights of all citizens to have a voice will be protected.

Read about how the maps are drawn here >


Maps will be drawn through compromise by Republicans, Democrats, and voters who align with neither party and must follow strict criteria.

Read about how the Commission is chosen here >


Instead of politicians making secret backroom deal, Proposal 2 sets up a transparent process. Lines will be drawn in open meetings across the state, not behind closed doors.

Read about how the process is transparent here >