You Might Be Gerrymandered If...

You Might Be Gerrymandered If...


How can you tell if you live in a gerrymandered district and just what does “gerrymandering” mean, anyway? Well, it’s a long word with an even longer history. Basically, gerrymandering happens when politicians manipulate voting maps to keep themselves or their parties in office at the expense of your interests. Without a doubt, it can lead to some situations that are even more complex than the word used to describe it.


So, how can you tell if your district was drawn for the benefit of politicians and not to ensure a fair, transparent, and democratic process where YOUR vote counts?


Well, you may have been gerrymandered if...


...Your district looks like it was drawn by Picasso or resembles an inkblot more than a map.


These are usually the easy ones to spot. If your district looks more like an abstract painting or an inkblot, this can be a sign of “cracking” or “packing.” Cracking occurs when politicians crack, or split apart, their opponents’ voters across districts to minimize their threat. Packing occurs when politicians group their opponents’ voters into a few districts, giving their opponents a huge majority in those select districts. This allows their opponents to win only a select few districts, without gaining a majority in the overall election.  


The ink blot test doesn’t always work -- sometimes districts can be drawn in similar ways for a really important reason, like adhering to the federal Voting Rights Act. The VRA ensures that minority voters have certain districts in which they make up more than 50% of the citizens. This ensures that their collective political voice can be fairly represented. But the vast majority of the time, a contorted-looking district is a warning sign that gerrymandering has occurred.



...Your district has changed and you feel like you can no longer make your voice heard.


This is what happens when you get cracked. Let’s say you’re in the Purple party, and you voted for the Purple candidate the past few elections. You and other Purple supporters get “cracked” away from your neighbors and put into a district with a majority of Yellow party supporters. This leaves you feeling like you can’t do anything to make things better in your district.


The Yellow representative in your district doesn’t need to listen to your voice or your concerns because they know that all their Yellow supporters will re-elect them year after year. Your Purple voice gets lost in the majority of Yellow voices in your district, leaving you feeling hopeless and disenfranchised. Sometimes, you feel like you shouldn’t even bother voting, because the Yellow candidate always wins!



...Your district boundaries don’t seem to make any sense.


On the flip side,if you’re a Yellow supporter in the Purple-Yellow scenario above, you might feel good about living in a primarily Yellow district. But, you start to get confused when you realize that most of the Yellow supporters in your district don’t even belong to the same school district or live in the same city. You, and your Yellow supporting friends, have been “packed” together into a Yellow echo-chamber. Everyone shares the same ideas and generally agrees with each other, and you start to feel like you don’t need to be involved.



...Your representative just skipped a town hall to go golfing with a lobbyist.


The most insidious thing about politicians manipulating voting maps to keep themselves in office is that it turns democracy on its head. As taxpayers and voters, our politicians are supposed to work for us. But, when districts have been drawn to avoid competition and to ensure that one party’s candidate wins, our representatives don’t really need to worry about winning us over. They’re virtually guaranteed to get re-elected simply because of their party affiliation..


This frees them up to hang out with their lobbyist friends and to cater to the needs of their wealthy donors. Even if we belong to the advantaged party, we’re not getting good representation because our elected official knows that reelection is in the bag, whether she listens to us or not.



...You feel like you don’t need to vote because the candidate that won the primary is going to win the election anyway.


When one party has manipulated the system to ensure that it holds the majority in specific districts, the election itself becomes a mere formality. Whoever wins that party’s primary is going to be elected, because that party has cracked or packed its opponent’s voters to give them an advantage. If you’ve ever felt like the result in November was a foregone conclusion, you probably weren’t wrong. But our votes are not meaningless and they should count. We expect our voices to be heard on election day.



When politicians draw the voting maps, they are essentially choosing their voters. That’s not how democracy is supposed to work. As Michigan’s constitution states, “All political power is inherent in the people.”  We, the voters, should choose our politicians, not the other way around. We deserve fair elections and a transparent process for determining our districts. If you agree, here are some of the ways you can help:

Save the Date // save the date and vote YES for an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission in the November 6 2018 election!


Donate // the politicians and special interests who benefit from the current system will spend millions defending and protecting their unfair advantage. We have to fight back, and that will include advertising and putting together hundreds of local events across Michigan to educate voters on their rights. Donate to Voters Not Politicians here.


Volunteer // we are recruiting volunteers to spread the word in 2018 to help us end gerrymandering in Michigan! If you are interested in being a part of this vital part of the process, please click here.


Stay educated // learn more about gerrymandering and how you can defeat it! Stay up to date on campaign updates and news by signing up for our newsletter here.


Connect // follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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  • Laura Hunt Manville
    What if you would like to see parties other than Purple or Yellow running in the General elections, not just the only Purple and Yellow parties (referencing the colors system cited above)? VNP is an amazing campaign, and is well overdue, which is why I am a volunteer. Unfortunately, it is only a first step. The next step is getting the money out of politics – so that anyone with practical, logical ideas for government that WORKS can run. We need a government for ALL American people regardless of their citizenship , their race, their orientation, their challenges, their regligion, their nationality, they are HUMAN. Our government should provide for their Constitutional requirements equally, and our citizens MUST be lifted up when they are in need and hurting. Someone said the true character of a man is shown by how he cares for those who are the least. America is falling down on that job right now.

    It is going to be interesting to listen to what our citizens think about our campaign.
  • Jack Marter
    I’m from Melvindale, part of the 13th district. This district needs redistricting. Conyers is very VERY unresponsive. And we’ve been packed to be one of the rare Democratic districts, and I’m not even a Democrat! I’d like to be represented by a Republican, but it’s more important that my representative actually cares. What needs to happen is that the cities of Melvindale and Dearborn, which are mostly Democratic, need to be put in the same district as the 17 Downriver communities, which tend to be split. And also in this district, to make the election fair, needs to be Monroe and Lenawee counties and parts of Washtenaw County.
  • Cheryl Herrmann
    We definitely have work to do!
  • Abby Klemmer
    As someone who lives in Michigan’s extremely-gerrymandered 11th district, I can confirm that my Congressman (Dave Trott) is unresponsive to any constituents who don’t already agree with him. Redistricting reform is desperately needed here!

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